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10W 25 Heads LED Matrix Moving Head

10W 25 Heads LED Matrix Moving Head
● Input Voltage: AC90-260V 50/60Hz
● Power: 300w
● LED sources: 25pcs CREE Xlamp XML 4in1 10W LEDs
● Lifespan: 50000H
● Channels:18/28/116CH
● Control: DMX512, Master-slave and sound activated or auto operation
● Dimmensions:290*380*490mm
● Packing Dimensions:475*550*420mm
● N.W: 14.9kg, G.W: 18.34kg
● 25pcs CREE Xlamp XML 4in110w LEDs
● 50,000 hours lifespan and low power consumption.
● 25 pixels (each LED is a pixel), controllable individually
● Outstanding sharp BEAM effect and remarkable wash effect with pure color mixing
● Specific high efficiency 5°optic system
● High light output, 5450lux @7M at full RGBW
● Flicker free control
● Smooth, fast and precise infinite (continuous) Pan/Tilt movement
● Scan position memory, auto reposition after unpxpected movement
● High speed strobe effect with 1-25 flashes per second
● 0-100% smooth linear LED dimmer
● Amazing visual effect by pro control
● Internal program available
● Default pixel macros effect for easy performance
● 18/28/116 DMX channels usitt DMX512
● DMX512, master-slave and sound activated controllable or auto operation
● Specific computer control sofware as optional
● High definition blue LCD display
● Effocient low noise fan cooling system
● Powercon in/out
● 3-pin XLP connectors in/out
● Two 1/4 ture fastening Omega Clamps
● Constant temperature readout and management function
● DB rating @ 1M=51.18dB
● IP20 Protection rating
● -35°C-45°C ambient temperature