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A-2230A Beam Light

A-2230A Beam Light
● Input voltage: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
● Rated power: 380W
● Light source: 7R 230W
● Color temperature: 8000K
● Lamp life: 2000H
● Control mode: standard DMX512 protocol, with 3-core 5-core interface, support network protocol, and own network interface.
● Display mode: LCD digital touch screen + rotary encoder with lithium battery (the macro function can be preset when the power is off)
● Channel: 16 channels, 20 channels
● Rotation angle: 540° horizontal and 270° vertical (16-bit precision scanning) Electronic error correction
● Scanning speed: 2.1 seconds horizontally, 1 second vertical
● Color plate: 1 fixed color plate with 14 color chips + white light, with half color function
● Pattern plate: 1 fixed pattern plate with 17 pattern effects + white light
● Effect wheel: 1 rotatable prism, 1 rotatable 8+16 prism. With dithering effect, atomization function
● Strobe: two-chip strobe 0-13 times / sec, adjustable speed
● Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming
● Focusing: 0-100% linear focus
● Beam angle: 0-4°
● Display mode: LCD digital display
● Working environment: 0-40 ° C
● Protection level: IP20, power supply conforms to GE 20/22; meets GB 7000.15-2000 standard
● Cooling: Axial fan reinforced ventilation cooling
● Safety device: with temperature control overheat protection, automatic power failure protection when overheating or cooling system failure
● Net weight: 19 KG Gross weight: 21.6KG
● Packing size: 47.5X41.5X56CM (carton)
● Air box size: 87X50X72CM (2 inverted)