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Double screen tiger console

Double screen tiger console
Adopt the powerful Titan (Tian) version 9.1 operating system
Core i7CPU Kingston 120GB high-speed solid-state drive, Kingston 4GB memory
The console is equipped with 12 photoelectric isolation signal output ports (6144 channels)
Built in 2 15.6 inch high-resolution touch screens (industrial screen)
The screen can be electrically adjusted with the key combination on the console (between 0-125 angles)
Equipped with a trackball mouse, easy to select menu operation
Built in UPS that can be started without 220V external power supply
Stable power supply system of switching power supply
Support Chinese menu display, built-in multi language support graffiti screen identification function
Support networking to computer equipment to control various lighting 3D visualization software,
10 macro function buttons, allowing you to operate the console faster
20 playback push rods, supporting more than 1000 program playback
Powerful content control window, CMY RGB color plate system, support Art-Net network function
Quick and easy-to-use graphics generator, classified built-in graphics are easier to use
Support the CIPT protocol, and you can directly see the image thumbnails of media clips in the media server on the console
Support Wi Fi access, wireless lighting, mobile devices (iPhone, iPad touch) remote control lamps
Built in thousands of lamp libraries, built-in lamp library editing software
The light library can be programmed on the console at any time, with isualiser line lighting visualization software built in
Support MIDI time code audio-visual synchronization function
You can also play music in the console and send the time code to control the playback of the light program