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Little Pearl 1024

Little Pearl 1024
*Input voltage: 110V ~ 220V 50 ~ 60Hz
*DMX512 / 1990 standard, 1024 DMX control channels, photoelectric isolation signal output.
*At the same time, it controls up to 96 computer lights, with a maximum of 36 control channels for each light, and uses dynamic light address setting.
*96 light walking procedures, with a maximum of 100 steps per procedure * time per step (time) The gradient (cross) parameter is set independently.
*Optional automatic speed control Intelligent manual beat control (swing) or music synchronization control.
*The editing of light walking program can realize the copy of light walking program Paste Add (insert) Delete and other operations.
*Read pearl R20 format lamp library, built-in dozens of graphic effects.
*It can run 10 scenarios at the same time Execute 5 built-in graphics, and can carry out lantern operation on 96 computer lights at the same time.
*Different scenarios can be called quickly Walk the lights Manual operation (lantern) combination.
*Equipped with USB interface, users can use USB flash disk to save their valuable data, and the file system is compatible with Windows XP.
*Net weight: 8.34kg
*Gross weight: 17.54kg (air box)
9.74kg (carton)
*Product size: 53.5 * 44 * 13cm
*Package size: 58 * 53 * 21cm (air box)
55 * 51 * 17.5cm (carton)