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New Sunny 512 Console

New Sunny 512 Console
● input voltage: 90-240v, 50 / 60Hz, built-in high-performance switching power supply, with very low power harmonic distortion and very wide voltage range.
● DMX512 / usitt1990 standard, 512 DMX control channels.
● two independent output drive out ports with optical isolation, with 1500vdc electrical shock resistance, independent plug-in board structure and easy replacement. Infrared IR interface can be selected for safe, convenient and efficient connection without any electrical interference.
● it can control 32 16 channel computer lights.
● large LCD screen with backlight is used to display various operating parameters.
● 16 channel push rods and 1 speed control lever.
● 1600 light walking program steps storage capacity. 48 light walking programs, each program can take up to 100 steps, and the speed and gradient of each step are set independently. Optional music synchronization or manual speed control.
● with the cooperation of the walking light rate push rod, the time range of the program step can range from 0.003s to 180s.
● 48 computer light scenes that can be called directly.
● it can run 8 light walking programs and 48 scenes at the same time, and can manually run 32 computer lights (lantern) at the same time, with channel release function.
● the X / y of different types of computer lights are uniformly controlled by the data wheel or by the pusher.
● X / y control accuracy of 16bit computer lamp.
● 15 environment keys to quickly call different scenarios, combination of light walking and manual operation.
● music trigger signal source can be taken from audio line input or built-in self microphone pickup.
● associated data retention.