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Pearl 2010 console

Pearl 2010 console
● the latest upgraded version can use USB flash disk to input the light library
● DMX512 / 1990 standard, 2048 DMX control channels
● four photoelectric isolated independent drive signal output ports, which can resist 2000vrms electrical shock, independent power supply and independent signal
● it can control 40 channels, up to 240 computer lights and 240 dimming channels
● 320 * 240 large screen displays all operations, changes and outputs
● channel soft distribution
● 512 programs can be stored
● the knob can be adjusted for different times, and the X / y control is naturally smooth
● the list of channel items can be copied on site
● independent system lock function to effectively prevent misoperation
● the built-in world-famous lamp library is more convenient to use
● a variety of special effects programs are solidified in the machine to effectively support on-site changing special effects
● USB memory can effectively save field data
● built in high-performance green switching power supply, 90v-250v voltage adaptation range, in line with the power supply requirements of countries all over the world (customized)
● audio input connector: xlr-d3fx2
● professional work lights, suitable for indoor and outdoor performances, fair, safe and convenient
● net weight: 25kg gross weight: 48kg
● dimension of aviation box: 82x70x30cm