1300W LED Tracking light

1300W LED Tracking light
Input voltage: ac110-240v 50 / 60Hz
Rated power: 1300W
Light source: LED white light
Color temperature: 6000K high display finger (7500k optional)
Total light flux: 35000 LM
Bulb life: 50000h
Optical lens: high precision multi group glued lens is adopted, with lens diameter of 223mm and light output aperture of 208mm
Optical angle: 5.7 ° - 32 °
Projection distance: 15-300m, the best effect
Color plate: 5 colors + white light (colors: bright red, yellow, cyan, light green and pink)
Color temperature 1 (cto1): 4000K (0-255 adjusted from light to dark temperature)
Color temperature 2 (cto2): 3200K (0-255 adjusted from light to dark temperature)
Stroboscopic: electronic stroboscopic 1-30 / s, with adjustable speed
Dimming: 0-100% linear electronic dimming, uniform dimming without flicker
Scale: 0-100% linear scale (scale from small to large)
Focusing: 0-100% linear focusing
Control mode:
1. Manual push rod control mode: stroboscopic, dimming, cto1 (4000K), cto2 (3200K) scaling and focusing
2. Key control mode: reset button (long press for 5 seconds to reset the lamp), black field button, white light button, bright red button, yellow button, blue button, light green button and pink button
3. Console control mode: international standard DMX512 (8-channel) and RDM bidirectional protocol
Display: 2.0 inch LCD + rotary encoder
Working environment: ~ 20 ° - 40 °
Cooling: axial fan is used to enhance ventilation and cooling
Protection grade: IP20
Net weight: 37kg
Lamp size: 980mm (L) * 304mm (W) * 265mm (H)