170W LED 3in1

Input voltage: AC100—240V 50 HZ/ 60HZ audio plug hand in hand

Total power: 320W

Light source: LED 170W

Color temperature: 6500K high index refers to high color temperature

Lamp life: 50000H

Control mode: international standard DMX512 protocol, 3-core interface, RDM function

Channel: 22 channels

Optical lens: high precision multi-group cemented lens

Optical angle: 3.3°--35°

Optical aperture: 153.5MM

Autofocus: auto focus function, 2 pattern discs with auto focus function

Horizontal and vertical: use noise-free three-phase motor, fast speed, smooth operation and accurate positioning

Rotation angle: 540 degrees horizontally, 270 degrees vertical (16bit precision scanning)

Scanning speed: 2.5 seconds horizontally, 1.3 seconds vertical (16bit precision scanning)

Color plate: 1 fixed color, including 11 colors + white light (including 3200K and warming color temperature film), with half color and running water function

Pattern plate: 1, 1 fixed pattern plate, 11 fixed patterns + white light, the pattern has jitter and water function

2, 1 rotating pattern plate, 6 rotating glass patterns and a diamond glass pattern + white light, the pattern has a dithering function, both pattern plates can be used to beam

Effect wheel: 1 8 prism, bidirectional rotation, 1 softening mirror, 1 7-color rainbow effect disk (with prism and fixed pattern works best)

Strobe: electronic strobe 1--25 times / sec, adjustable speed

Dimming: 0—100% electronic linear dimming, 16bit dimming, dimming smooth, no flicker

Focusing, scaling: 0—100% linear focusing, scaling, 16 bit accuracy

Display mode: LCD color screen + twist encoder, can be cut in English and Chinese, LED temperature display

Working environment: ~20°-40°

Cooling: Axial fan reinforced ventilation cooling

Protection level: IP20

Safety device: with electronic temperature control overheat protection, fast lock light hook fixed installation, optional one-piece light hook

Net weight: 22.4KG