240 light console
240 light console
It is easy to operate and can be easily controlled by first-time users
DMX512 international standard digital signal output, 192 control circuits
24 computer lights with 16 channels can be controlled (48 a-408 controllable)
12 programs can be stored, and 40 scenes can be programmed for each program
The conversion of different programs can be quickly realized by clicking the button of the program
Directly press the edit key on the console panel to enter the programming state and adjust the potentiometer to
To achieve the ideal color, pattern and position effect, use the"-"and"+"buttons
Connect different scenes and press P1 ~ P2 after saving to execute the corresponding program
Voltage: 220V / 50Hz (customized as required)
Control channel: 384 Ch
Net weight: 3.5kg gross weight: 3.8kg
Carton size: 510x625x131 mm