300W LED Moving Head 3 in 1 Light

300W LED Moving Head 3 in 1 Light

Input voltage: ac110-240v 50Hz / 60Hz power supply audio plug handle

Total power: 420W

Light source: module led 300W white light

Color temperature: 6500k high display finger

Bulb life: 50000h

Control mode: international standard DMX512, RDM bidirectional protocol, standard 3-core XLR signal interface

Channel: 21 / 25 channels, 2 channel modes

Optical lens: high precision multi group glued lens is adopted

Optical angle: 3.5 ° -- 30 °

Optical aperture: 150mm, strong and full beam

Auto focus: it has the function of auto focus. Two pattern discs have the function of auto focus (select the value of distance in the auto focus channel)

Horizontal and vertical: adopt noise free three-phase motor, with fast speed, smooth operation and accurate positioning

Rotation angle: 540 degrees horizontally and 270 degrees vertically (16bit precision scanning)

Scanning speed: horizontal 2.5 seconds, vertical 1.3 seconds

Color mixing system: CMY infinite color mixing system

Color dial: 1 fixed color, including 11 colors + white light (including 3200K and heating color temperature chips), with half color and running water functions

Pattern disc: 1. 1 fixed pattern disc, 10 fixed patterns + white light, and the patterns have jitter and running water functions

                   2. 1 rotating pattern disc, 7 rotating glass patterns + white light, and the pattern has dithering function

                   3. Both pattern discs can beam light

Effect wheel: 1 8 prism, bidirectional rotation, 1 softening mirror, 1 7-color rainbow effect disc (with prism and fixed pattern, the effect is the best)

Stroboscopic: electronic stroboscopic 1-25 times / s, with adjustable speed

Dimming: 0-100% electronic linear dimming, smooth dimming without flicker

Focus and zoom: 0-100% linear focus and zoom

Display mode: LCD color screen + 4 keys, can be cut in Chinese and English, LED temperature display

Working environment: ~ 20 ° C-40 ° C

Cooling: axial fan is used to enhance ventilation and cooling

Protection grade: IP20

Safety device: with electronic temperature control overheating protection, quick lock fixed installation, optional integrated lamp hook

Net weight: 23.25kg

Lamp size: 374 * 288 * 642mm