300W LED Tracking light

300W LED Tracking light
● power supply: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
● bulb: LED 250W white light
● total power: 300W
● color: bright red, bright green, blue, yellow, pink, white
● beam size: stepless adjustment
● projection distance: 30m
● stroboscopic speed; Stepless adjustment, speed electronically adjustable
● focusing: stepless linear electronic focusing
● net weight: lamp body 10.6kg, bracket 5.2kg
Gross weight: lamp body 13kg (carton), support 5.5kg (carton)
38kg (single air box with support)
● package size: lamp body 69 * 31 * 36.5cm (carton), support 18 * 15 * 100cm (carton) 108 * 48 * 48CM (single air box, including support)
Features: LED light source, environmental protection, energy saving and power saving; Small size and light weight, suitable for wedding, banquet and party places.