3W full color laser lamp

3W full color laser lamp
● voltage: AC110V-240V 50 / 60Hz
● power consumption: 500W
● laser power: 3000MW (red 1500MW + Green 500MW + blue 1000MW)
● laser: semiconductor pumped (DPSS) laser; Red 650nm, green 532nm, blue 450nm
● color: color
● control software: it can be controlled by various professional laser software such as pangolin, Phoenix and medialas; Large capacity MCU built-in software
● control mode: international standard ILDA signal control, db-25 input and output interfaces; Voice control, self-propelled, DMX512
● scanning system: Bi ring high-speed galvanometer; Scanning speed 20K; Scanning angle ± 20 degrees
● demonstration effect: gorgeous color laser, rich beam effect and complex patterns can be played in real time with music; Customers can use professional laser software to create all kinds of laser effects, such as pattern, beam, text, company logo or animation.
● cooling mode: air cooling
● application places: Theater, bar, night show, party, etc
● weight: 18kg
● package size: L540 * w380 * h180mm