512 Console

512 Console
● input voltage: AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz
● channel: 512 channels
● function: it can control 32 sets of 16 channel computer lights, LCD display screen with backlight, 760 light walking program steps, storage capacity 20 light walking programs, with a maximum of 41 steps for each program. The time range of optional music synchronization or manual speed control program steps can range from 0.03s to 180s. It can run 4 light walking programs and 24 scenes at the same time, It can also manually operate 32 computer lights at the same time. The X / y control accuracy of 8bit computer lights is easy to learn and use, and the shutdown data is saved.
● size: 48.3 × forty × 10.5cm   
● package size: 54 × forty-nine point five × 21cm
● gross weight: 8kg