330W Beam

Input voltage: AC100-240V 50 HZ / 60HZ audio plug hand in hand

Rated power: 490W

Light source: 15R 330W

Color temperature: 8000K

Lamp life: 1500H

Control mode: International standard DMX512 protocol, 3-pin interface

Channel mode: 17 channels

Optical lens: High-precision multi-group gluing lens

Optical angle: 0-3 °, the beam diameter 145mm, the beam thick and transparent full

Horizontal. Vertical: The noise-free three-phase motor, smooth operation, fast, precise positioning

Rotation angle: horizontal 540 degrees, vertical 250 degrees (16bit precision scanning)

Scanning speed: horizontal 2.1 seconds, vertical 1.1 seconds

Color plate: a fixed color plate with 13 colors + white, with half-color and water features

Pattern plate: a fixed pattern plate contains 13 fixed patterns (which pattern plate has a dynamic pattern effect) + white light, with water and jitter function

Effect wheel: a 48-cell prism, a 24-cell prism, two prism rotation can be two-way rotation, the prism superimposed rotation dynamic effect, the prism superposition can be composed of 72 sharp beams, a macro function, atomization, colorful, Rainbow effect

Strobe: Double-chip strobe 0.5-13 times / second, adjustable speed

Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming

Focusing: 0-100% linear focus

Display mode: LCD color screen + rotary encoder, gravity sensor, can switch between Chinese and English, built-in long-life rechargeable lithium battery, without the need to power the lamp can be function settings, macro function settings

Working environment: ~ 20 ° -40 °

Cooling: axial fan to enhance ventilation and cooling

Protection level: IP20

Safety devices: with temperature control overheating, the use of movable light hooks, the installation of light convenient, fast

Net weight: 17.1KG

Gross weight: 19KG

Lamp size: 37.5 * 33 * 57