Full color 10W laser lamp

Full color 10W laser lamp
Working voltage: ac100~240v 50/60hz; Rated power: <500w
◎ galvanometer: 40K high-speed scanning galvanometer, optical angle ± 30 °; Input signal ± 5V; Linear distortion <2%
◎ laser modulation: analog modulation
◎ beam diameter and divergence angle: 5mm:<2mrad
◎ control mode: voice control (4 modes with black field), self-propelled, master-slave, DMX512 (25CH), SD card control, compatible with ILDA standard computer laser software
◎ control interface: International ILDA DB25 interface, international general DMX512 interface, which can connect German fire phoenix, American pangolin and other software, and Raffi RJ45 network cable interface
◎ demonstration effect: DMX has 140 built-in patterns, and the SD card has unlimited storage. You can choose the scene or the laser show in the SD card through DMX
◎ DMX special effect: double pattern mode, which can respectively break the pen, strobe, rotate, move, roll, divide the picture, gradually draw, change color, change size and other functions
◎ safety and intelligence: no signal light off, DMX signal and PC signal automatic switching, SD card online upgrade
◎ instructions for use: the ambient temperature is controlled at 10~40 ℃, and the dry and less dusty environment can reduce the attenuation of laser power and prolong the service life of lamps
◎ suitable places: Disco, bar, nightclub, TV station, concert, stadium, advertising promotion, etc
◎ package size: 57x42x51cm ◎ net / gross weight: 24kg/39kg