LED 600W Tracking light

LED 600W Tracking light
Input voltage: AC100-240V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Rated power: 700W
Light source: 600W LED
Color temperature: 6000K high display finger (7500k optional)
Bulb life: 50000h
Optical lens: high precision multi group glued lens is adopted, and the lens diameter is 123mm
Optical angle: 12 °
Projection distance: 100-150m, the best effect
Color plate: 1 color plate (including 5 colors + white light), 1 color temperature plate (including 3 color temperatures: 3200K, 4500k and 5600k), with rich and bright colors
Stroboscopic: electronic stroboscopic 0.5-30 times / s, with adjustable speed
Dimming: 0-100% linear electronic dimming, uniform dimming without flicker
Focusing: 0-100% linear electronic focusing
Aperture: 0-100%
Control mode: 1: stroboscopic, dimming, focusing, aperture, color temperature (push rod control), color dial (key control) has white light button, reset button and black field button
2: International standard DMX512 signal
Working environment: ~ 20 ° - 40 °
Cooling: axial fan is used to enhance ventilation and cooling
Protection grade: IP20
Net weight: 23kg
Lamp size: 788.5mm (L) * 260mm (W) * 243.5mm (H)