LED big bee eye / 15W*37 RGBW*4 in 1
Input voltage: AC100—240V 50Hz/60Hz
Rated power: 760W
Light source: 37 15W, RGBW four-in-one LED lamp beads
Life: 50000H
Color temperature: 2500K-8000K linear adjustment
Stepper motor: 6 ultra-quiet motors
Channel mode: 5 channel modes
21 channel standard mode / 35 channel shape mode / 132 channel expansion mode / 169 channel RGBW expansion mode / 146 channel full mode
Communication Interface:
3-core, 5-core and network interface with international standard DMX512
With network cable extension function, no need for other equipment, direct control by computer.
Rotation angle: 540° horizontal, 210° vertical, ultra-quiet three-phase stepper motor, 16Bit drive, electronic error correction
Optical lens: PMMA light guide and PMMA lens
Beam angle: 4°-60°
Zoom: Linear power zoom
Dimming: 0-100% linear electronic dimming
Strobe: electronic strobe, 0.5-30 times / sec, adjustable speed
Function: dyeing, beam, image, effect mode (vortex, kaleidoscope, small waist), lamp bead can be single-point single control, front lens disk can be bidirectional electrodeless rotation
Color mixing system: RGBW color mixing system, fast color rainbow effect, even color mixing without flicker
Display mode: LCD liquid crystal display, external roller encoder
Electrical: Built-in long-life lithium battery can be self-charging, function setting can be performed without power, macro function setting
Net weight: 21Kg